Domain for Chartered Accountants and HR Experts

Innovation #1 posted Jan 14, 2019
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Domain for Chartered Accountants and HR Experts

First, we would like to introduce you to the new Chartered Accountant domain. Discussions with accountants have led us to develop a multi-client domain to address the needs of chartered accountants supporting small businesses.

Chartered Accountant domain: this new section enables accountants and HR experts to set up clients as domains along with the client's employment terms and conditions. In addition, this new domain lets you set up your client's workforce for working time & attendance and report working hours for services and even allow your client access to his domain if required.

Your advantages as a Chartered Accountant and HR expert

1) Prepare time tracking data of fixed salaried and hourly wage employees for payroll and accounting.
2) Easily administrate and monitor overtime and flextime compensation of all employees.
3) Support your client's billing processes for services tracked on site.
4) Enable a closer relationship with your client and optimize workflows and collaboration.

The roll out of this feature together with more great features is scheduled for March. To give you an opportunity to test drive the new features we are offering a trial phase in a separate testing environment. Are you a Chartered Accountant and HR expert or are you a business owner and office manager collaborating with an Accountant and would like to know more about this feature? if you would like to sign up for the trial please email us at Our valued customers have received a news update via email and will be contacted again in advance of the launch.

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