The concept of the accountant domain

Supporting small businesses
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Staff Times features an administrator section specially optimized for accountants, payroll administrators and other financial experts who support small businesses.

The concept aims to support the accountant and his clients to further optimize administration workflows by viewing time tracking from the point of customer interaction to the order settlement as an end-to-end process. For example, there is the potential to combine attendance, expenses and overtime control with capturing on-site orders & services, avoiding unnecessary duplication of efforts.

An accountant domain, provides a shared platform with the client and the client's processes to be efficiently logged by setting up appropriate activity names and groups. This in turn facilitates the collection and reporting of the job-related activities and wage-related overtime for further downstream processing.

Collaboration through the accountant domain consists of a secure connection through the Staff Times Server (Cloud). The administrator has the option of granting the client access for joint management of time tracking.

Check out this video preview of establishing an accountant domain:

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