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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Get some context on new features and optimizations introduced with a recent app update. Below is a brief guide.

Report 'My Overtime' with new column 'Break' (Version 3.59)

The report was supplemented with another column called 'Break' under which the total resting time is calculated. The calculation logic adds up all break deductions as well as time gaps between end and start times during the working day. The resting time cannot be calculated for timesheets with a mixture of formats (e.g. a mixture of flat hours and activities with start and end times).

This enhancement supports you in complying with the statutory resting time for your industry. Please consult your HR or accountant to find out more about the regulations for your job and industry.

You can export this report in Excel format and, if necessary, edit it on your computer or add further calculations. See under Settings the section "Export format reports" with the selection for format 'xls'. Then generate the report as an attachment using the email icon (as shown in above illustration) in Excel format and send it.

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