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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 8 months ago

Nov 11th: The update v3.74 was released to all today to ensure compatibility with Android 14 devices and fix the app crash. Apologies for the wait and troubles caused. We hope the app is now working properly again.

Nov 10th: an error was found in the payment module. We are working on the fix and hope to release the final version this evening. If you are working with Android 14 and cannot open the app, we can add you to the V3.74T test group as a quick fix, which fixes the crash. In this case please send us your email/Google ID.

Nov 9: we are preparing a fix update (3.74) for Android 14 users. Android 14 requires an updated billing library. Update v3.74T was released for an internal test group with around 40 users. We are waiting for feedback to clarify any errors before releasing to the public.

Nov 8: the fix update version 3.73 was approved by Google and is now available. Please check for the update on Google Play app. This will fix the crash from the previous version 3.71 from last Sunday. Those of you who see the Beta Test version 3.73; this the same version as per official release so no action needed. We hope this resolves all issues. If you still face issues please contact us.

*If you have reinstalled the app and lost your data, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the in-app purchases are made. On the purchases page, press the restore button (green checkmarks appear next to items). If that doesn't work, please purchase the item again as Google will remember the purchase during the process. If not, I can issue a refund.
  2. With every update, the app automatically creates a data backup and saves it in the 'Downloads' folder (file name: data backup & date .motad). Please import this to restore the data history. Importing goes like this: create an email and attach this file and send yourself this email. Then tap on the attachment and open it with the MO app (the MO app should appear for selection) which triggers the import. Please close the MO app completely beforehand.

Nov 7: Our fix update was rejected by Google because additional security measures are required for Android 13. We are still working on completing the update. To speed up the update for you, we can give you the internal test version 3.72T which fixes the crash. Contact us via chat messenger or at and give us your email or Google ID. We apologize for this unfortunate incident and ask for your continued patience.

Nov 6th: we have detected a critical bug (app won't start) - we are working to release an update today. Sorry about this!

The latest update v3.71 was released on Nov 5 with the following items:

  • Compatibility with Android 13 (API Level 33)

The update v3.70 was released on April 16 with the following items:

  • Fixed; since OS 11 tighter security compliance has restricted the range of report sending options. Your previous options should now be available gain.

  • Backup scheduler; compliance with Dropbox required update. Please check the existing connection by manually triggering a data backup.

In the pipeline for a future update:

  • Dark display: create an option to switch app to dark display mode during night-time. Alternative: add a black background image.

  • Work schedules: enable 7 day work schedule templates for users with irregular weekly schedules

Please let us know if we missed any bugs and report these to or chat with us - look for this icon to start the messenger and attach a screenshot of your issue:

We list all reported bugs on this page for your information. Thank you!

Please note that when installing an update an automatic backup is made of your timesheets history and saved in your device's Downloads folder. In the event of any adverse behavior this backup file will let you restore your data. Check that folder and tap on that file or open it with My Overtime App from your email to import and restore your data.

Supporting other languages

This app is available in more languages than we can give support for. For languages of Portugués, Nederlands, Norsk, Dansk, Svenska, Suomi, Polski, Český, Ελληνικά, Türk, Pусский, Українська, 日本人,中文简体文字, 中國傳統文本, 한국어, Català and any other language not found in the language selector at the top of this page we kindly as you to try to communicate with us in English, if you can. We will use Google Translate to help you.

Not to forget

If you like the new features, rate us on Google Play. Your support inspires us to further develop the app!

Check out our instructions videos on our Youtube page.

Check us out on Facebook where we post tips and tricks and details about bugs reported.

Recent updates

  • Android 11 security compliance: the report and backup files when saving to your device are now stored to this fixed path Android/media/ due to tighter security requirements. (v3.69 from Nov 25, 2021)

  • The timer; text shortened to avoid timer wrapping on smaller phone screens (v3.67-68 from Oct 28, 2021)

  • Google payments module updated (v3.65-66 from Oct 28, 2021)

  • Fixed: the timer/stopwatch; when tapping the message bar, the app no longer crashes (v3.64 from Aug 16, 2021)

  • Fixed: adding multiple flat type of activities to your timesheet is enabled again (v3.64 from Aug 16, 2020)

  • Fixed: during a telephone conversation when the timer is active, you can hear an annoying background ticking sound. This sound is now switched off (v3.64 from Aug 16, 2021)

  • Fixed: the report period selection 'This year' works again(v3.64 from Aug 16, 2021)

  • The FAQ has been merged with the Staff Times support page. You can now report your questions also via the Messenger app (v3.64 from Aug 16, 2021)

  • Voice command now available for recording notes through your device's microphone (v3.63 from July 27, 2020)

  • This page has been merged with the Staff Times Support Center, giving us more resources (v3.63 from July 27, 2020)

  • Timesheet paging/swipe animation proper orientation (v3.62 from April 14, 2020)

  • My Overtime Report with total resting time: the report includes a new column to show daily rest time (break times). Time elapsed between check-out and next check-in and any flat breaks considered (v3.63 from April 14, 2020)

  • Bug fixes based on crash reports for different devices (v3.61 from Feb 16, 2020)

  • New feature: Reports date range picker (v3.6 from Jan 19, 2020)

  • We have added a message delivery capability which enables us to reach you with short messages (notifications) through this additional channel (v3.6 from Jan 19, 2020)

  • Bug fix: day template deletion not working (v3.6 from Jan 19, 2020)

  • Fixing bugs from top crash reports for different devices (v3.6 from Jan 19, 2020)

  • Various fixes from crash reports (v3.5.9 from Nov 11, 2019)

  • Timesheet deletion alert pop-up (v3.5.9 from Nov 11, 2019)

  • OS9 compatibility (v3.5.9 from Nov 11, 2019)

  • Various minor formatting fixes and renamed Allowance Bank report to Time Bank report (v3.5.8 from 27/3/19)

  • Bug fix: timesheet notes was not wrapping (v3.5.7 from 28/2/19)

  • Bug fix: "clear overtime balance" - this feature crashed when selecting different activity name (v3.5.7 from 28/2/19)

  • Bug fix: timer deactivated when idle overnight. It will now remain visible in the notification bar (v3.5.7 from 28/2/19)

  • Bug fix: timer on Android OS9 devices; start time appeared as 00:00. (v3.5.7 from 28/2/19)

  • Bug fixes related of various crash reports by Fabric crashlytics (v3.5.7 from 28/2/19)

  • Widget timer removed as not functional on OS8 (Oreo) devices. We kindly ask you to use the TIMER feature with the notification bar which has the same great feature. You can activate this under settings "Activate Timer" (v3.5.6 from 27/11/18).

  • Fixed: issues found on OS8 (Oreo) devices relating to a crash when sending reports (v3.5.6 from 27/11/18).

  • Fixed: reports date range is not picking up the first day of the range in the results (v3.5.6 from 27/11/18).

  • News about app updates can now be found on this website instead of in the app. This lets us inform you proactively about new errors reported and optimizations made next to our Facebook channel (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Notes: so that your notes are not lost, they are now automatically saved when you hit back key (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Timer: fixed a bug for Samsung devices with OS8 to avoid inadvertent behavior (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Own Account: fixed a bug not saving the activation setting (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Calendar: the date picker was optimized with the possibility to scroll the year (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Alert Messages: Alert 1 and 2 messages now also take into account the break time deduction (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Open file with "My Overtime": this unwanted message no longer appears in connection with other file formats (PDF, etc.). Please note: going forward from certain devices, the data backup file can only be opened as an email attachment (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Older devices: the app will no longer be available for devices using OS older than OS 4.0 (v3.5.5 from 22/11/18).

  • Help page: added link to YouTube tutorial videos (v3.5.4 from 26/9/18).

  • Help page: added link to our Privacy policy page (v3.5.4 from 26/9/18).

The following free new features were released with version 3.5:

✓ New alerts; a new setting to let you activate two alarms per day. Check out this new option under Set Working Days.

✓ New Timer; lets you check your running time direct from the notification bar. Check out the new option under Settings.

✓ Flat breaktime; the default values have been moved from the Set Working Days to a new parameter within the Activity name. Tap on your Activity names under 'Define Activities' to update your values where you use flat time deductions.

✓ Optimized the timesheet check-in buttons and various minor bug fixes.

✓ The app icon gets fresh paint. We will do further design optimizations in the coming releases.

A history of releases

✓ Fixes paging freeze (v3.4.5)

✓ New shift effect when paging dates. Fixes a problem with Huawei OS7 devices (v3.4.4)

✓ Fixes a problem with backup import from email attachment (v3.4.4)

✓ Reports to ignore incompleted timesheets for proper balances (v3.4.3)

✓ Detail report currency sign fixed (v3.4.3)

✓ Backup planner Dropbox API upgrade (v3.4.2)

✓ Minor design optimizations and crashes reported (v3.4.2)

✓ Various App crashes based on Google crash report (v3.4.1)

✓ Detail report: displaying daily bonus applied (v3.4.1)

✓ Crashlytics: integrated error tracking service for better handling (v3.4.1)

✓ Daily Conditions; new option to apply bonus hrs to the daily balance (v3.3)

✓ Detail Report; new field for Bonus applicable (v3.3)

✓ Detail Report; Added Currency symbol to amount field based on device region (v3.3)

✓ Interval setting; additional intervals and rounding options (v3.3)

✓ Date picker; updated calendar format (v3.3)

✓ App language; option to change language directly inside the app (v3.3)

✓ FAQ; FAQ document display and zoom option within app (v3.3)

✓ Bug fix; avoids crash when user does not have Gmail installed (v3.3)

✓ Bug fix; Daily condition scenario for "Time from" with flat break deduction considered (v3.3)

✓ OS6 users; please enable access to storage media and email as otherwise "Reports Send" will not work (v3.3)

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