Canada: records-keeping

The Canada labour standards regulations
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Legislative sourceSection 24 of the Canada Labour Standards Regulations identifies the required records to be kept on file for inspection by an Inspector under the Canada Labour Code . Employer responsibilityEmployers must keep payroll and other employment records for at least 36 months. Employers must also post an outline of the Code requirements and notices as required by law, along with an indication where one may obtain further information from the Labour Program.

What is needed in recording work hours?

Records are required which show the daily hours worked, unless the employee is excluded as a manager as provided for under the Code. If hours of work are averaged, records must include the posting of the 30 day notice, as well as identify the periods of averaging; start date of averaging; details of the reductions in hours; and the number of overtime hours paid if applicable. In the case of a modified work schedule, copies of the notice, schedules, votes and posting dates are needed.

How is time away from the job recorded?

For times when the employee has been granted leave, applicable records must be kept. This would include: start and end date of annual vacations; general holidays; bereavement leave; start and end dates of any maternity/parental/or maternity-related reassignment leave; sickness and work-related illness or injury absences.

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