App uniform time and summation formats & notes field optimized

Optimizations released to mobile App from Oct 24
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Time and balance / summation formats

The general company defaults are now also applied to the mobile app for the time style and balances format. Thus, all users see the same sums / balance and time style formats (e.g. AM/PM, 24hr, Decimal, dot/comma values) no matter which country and region settings the local mobile device has.

In the administrator panel go to menu item "Default Settings" and observe marked section:

All totals or balance values are applied to mobile app according to the administrator's default settings. See below illustration where this is applied in the mobile app.
Take note
: in order for a change in format to be applied please log in to the app again.

Mobile app: notes and designations enlarged

The timesheet notes input space and font size has increased, so that further designations, descriptions and tasks can be added more easily and comprehensively by the user. The content can be queried by the administrator in the staff Detail Report and in the Master Report in the column named 'Designation'. Furthermore, the option to add document & image files is currently in progress and will be released soon.

Data inconsistency fixed

In rare cases, a time recording is not correctly transferred to the weekly balance view, so that inconsistent balances emerged. This adverse behavior of the app has been fixed with this update. We are working hard to ensure clean and consistent time logs across the cloud. Please contact us if you detect any incident of logged hours not matching with the weekly view or inconsistencies found in the administration center reports between reports named Daily Summary and Detail report.

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