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Enhancing the web admin panel
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

To round off the administrator function, employee leaves & absences such as holidays, visits to the doctor, illness, etc. can now also be managed via the admin center. This function enables the administrator to intervene on behalf of the employee, e.g. to record or correct an absence for a locked period.

This function is located in the Manage Timesheets menu item and can be called up using the icon marked as follows:

trigger this function by clicking on this icon:

The dialog enables you to select the employee name and the reason for the absence from the selection list. The listing is based on the defined Activity names. In addition, you can choose between half-day, full-day, short-term leaves or for a date range.

The timesheet total hours is automatically offset against the daily plan hours for paid absences.

Short absences can be entered by the hour, as shown:

Editing or deleting the timesheet is done in the list view by clicking on the corresponding line and icon, as shown:

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