New feature: file attachments

Manage receipts & work reports on Staff Times
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

It is now possible to add files such as photos and PDF documents to your time log. In addition to general notes and descriptions, documents such as expense receipts and work orders and reports can be photographed and attached to your timesheet as a file attachment in JPG or PDF format which makes handling administration tasks even easier as illustrated:

The corresponding timesheets and their file attachments can be queried centrally in the web center from the Detail and Master reports and file attachments open from the browser to review content, or downloaded for records-keeping as desired. The timesheets as well as file attachments are securely stored on our server with an encrypted connection.

Unclutter office routines

This feature supports you in the digitization of work processes. Your on-site and field staff get an easier way to document expenses and work reports and your office manager gets a more efficient way to collect, review and store these documents.

More to come

As part of further development, we are also examining adding line items which facilitates the structured recording of work reports for your projects and supports invoicing tasks. What's more, we are exploring voice commands to make it easier to insert text as an alternative to typing your notes. Below is a design of the envisioned feature:

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