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Innovation #3 posted on Jan 14, 2019
Written by Dan Gubler
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Projects and Teams with Groups and Roles

These new features allow your employees to allocate their working time to projects, customers and teams. In addition, activity names used for time tracking can now be made available for specific job roles, departments and teams. Here are some ways to use these new features:

  • Charge for services: create a separate area for customers (for example; Acme Ltd). This way your staff can record the hours worked for projects and orders linked to this customer.

  • You may want to record both the attendance times of your staff as well as details of customer services. With 'roles', you can limit time tracking to basic attendance tracking (check-in and out of working day against daily offsets) for back office staff, as well as assigning specific services tracking to customer-oriented employees (for example, establish a role of "Sales" and "Back office" or "Basic time & attendance").

  • Group Activity names into categories: when working hours are to be recorded by work area, e.g. Road maintenance, greens maintenance, On-Site services, etc.

  • Each Activity name (e.g., At work, business travel, seminar, Out sick, etc.) may be assigned to a role, group or as company wide. This way you determine which employees receive a specific set of Activity names.

With these settings, Staff Times offers the following benefits:

  • efficiency gains from logging time at point of service. Less interfaces (service staff > Input App > billing system).

  • the administrator can instantly consolidate time tracked for invoicing.

  • optimize resources planning through more granular time-keeping data.

  • better data structures enable recycling for downstream processing.

Your downstream processes

Capture data up front and combine it for billing and payroll processes as illustrated

We expect to launch this feature in March 2019. If you would like to know more and sign up for the free trial please email us at Our valued customers have received a news update via email and will be contacted again in advance of the launch.

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