Timesheets now also via desktop computer

Track your workday via mobile app and desktop computer
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Time tracking via the 'My Time' app can now also be done from a desktop and laptop computer. From now on, the administrator can grant access to the desktop version, so that time recording is possible in two ways - simply switch between the mobile app and the computer - on the fly!

Thanks to the automatic data syncing of our cloud solution, working with different media (smartphone, iPad, laptop, desktop) is convenient and secure.

More reports for your employees

Your users benefit from additional reports and options that the desktop format offers. In addition to the dashboard, your employees receive six reports of their timesheets history in summary and with all the details.

Timesheet input

A modern design with a popup dialog offers the same input options as the mobile app

Activate My Time desktop access for your employee

To grant access to your users click on the employee name in the Manage users menu item and click through to page 4 (Set groups) and tick the box as shown below. Then click save on the final page to trigger an email invitation with the login credentials to your employee (you will be cc'd).

To enable the My Time desktop for yourself look for the tick box in the Admin users menu item for your user.

Learn more about the My Time Desktop here. Coming soon; add templates and switch to a calendar style workweek dialog.

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