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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 5 months ago

Changing an established work flow is never easy. 

A good way to ensure you are not overlooking any aspects is to consider the following points:

1) Where are the pain points in your current working environment?

  • Are there repetitive tasks like monthly or weekly reporting taking up valuable time? are you having to merge and analyze your team's work schedule and performance?

2) Are you looking to make your data gathering more seamless?

  • Having to collect paper notes and emails for calculating working hours for billing and payroll processing ?

3) Are you looking to support your mixed workforce and expanding your team?

  • is your team off-site or working on an hourly basis?

4) Are you looking to stand out in your industry as an attractive employer?

  • maybe you are thinking of combining staff attendance and overtime tracking into one tool because that enables timely tracking and better insight and even caters to flexwork arrangements for your staff?

5) How much detail would you like to record ?

  • is it enough to just have start and end times or do you need task details and notes recorded ?

6) Do you need this detail to be made available to external services for further processing ?

  • if you have a payroll service provider they could get your data faster and in consistent detailed format. If your billing system needs billable hours detail that could be made available in a consistent detailed format.

Staff Times will simplify your processes


  • facilitate merging your data for your payroll and billing process

  • track working hours in a timely manner for overtime compensation

  • enable working hours tracking for flexwork staff and working with freelancers on an hourly wage basis

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