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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

In progress:

  • The working day configured alerts and the Backup planer no longer work under iOS15. We are working to restore them. Apologies for the trouble.

Update version 3.59 was released with the following highlights:

  • 'My overtime' report with a new column for total resting time (break). Find out more here.

  • iPad: date picker fix for dark mode

  • Various minor optimizations.

In the pipeline for future updates:

  • add day name to date picker

  • backup scheduler: improve backup trigger

  • add notes with voice command

Please let us know if we missed any bugs and report these to or chat with us - look for this icon to start the messenger and attach a screenshot of your issue:

We list all reported bugs on this page for your information. Thank you!

Supporting other languages

This app is available in more languages than we can give support for. For languages of Portugués, Nederlands, Norsk, Dansk, Svenska, Suomi, Polski, Český, Ελληνικά, Türk, Pусский, Українська, 日本人,中文简体文字, 中國傳統文本, 한국어, Català and any other language not found in the language selector at the top of this page we kindly as you to try to communicate with us in English, if you can. We can use Google Translate to help you.

Not to forget

If you like the new features, rate us on App Store. Your support inspires us to further develop the app! In addition, check out our instructions videos on our Youtube page and check us out on Facebook where we post tips and tricks and details about bugs reported.

A history of updates

  • iPad: date picker shows invisible content under iOS14. (v3.58)

  • Detail report: corrected totaling of the amount field in the report total. (v3.58)

  • Define activities: cut off text on some screen size is restored. (v3.58)

  • Reports date range to automatically default the range to current date when user opens the app (v3.57)

  • Submitting vacation was not matching the daily offset hours but applying always 8 hours is now fixed (v3.57)

  • hourly wage calculation was not applying the multiplier rate is now fixed (v3.57)

  • dark mode compatibility for backup restore list, in-app purchases page, hourly rate amount field (v3.57)

  • Improve data quality thru validating for blank and incomplete sheets (v3.57)

  • FAQ migrated to Staff Times support center (v3.57)

  • Added release version number to top of help page (v3.57)

  • iOS 14 compatibility fixes (v3.57)

  • We have added a message delivery capability which enables us to reach you with short messages (notifications) through this additional channel (v3.55)

  • iOS3 compatibility with dark mode & widget (v3.54)Deletion confirm (pop-up) when deleting sheets (v3.54)

  • New feature: Reports date range select option (v3.54)

  • Calendar picker drum style format (v3.53)

  • Reinstated iPhone 6-8 screens optimized scaling (v3.53)

  • Reinstated iPhone 6-8 screens format (v3.52)

  • Added video tutorials (v3.52)

  • App optimized for iPhone X (v3.51)

  • Alerts setting; lets you activate two notifications per day, check out under "Set Working days" (v3.50)

  • Flat breaktime; the default values have been moved from the Set Working Days to a new parameter within the Activity name. Tap on your Activity names under 'Define Activities' to update your values where you use flat time deductions. (v3.50)

  • Optimized the timesheet check-in buttons and various minor bug fixes (v3.50)

  • The app icon gets fresh paint. We will do further design optimizations in the coming releases (v3.50)

  • Optimized select button colors to support workflow (v3.42)

  • App crash when importing backup file is fixed (v3.41)

  • Backup planner Dropbox API v2 upgrade. If using this feature, please relink with Dropbox! (v3.40)

  • 64-bit compatibility for iOS 11 update (v3.40)

  • Reports can now be exported to ms-excel format, see report save options (v3.40)

  • Reports run-time improvement (3.40)

  • Amount display for comma decimal regions and minor optimizations. Refer to FB support site for more (v3.36)

  • Break value on export files, offset picker behaviour and minor optimizations (v3.35)

  • Break value picker behaviour (v3.34)

  • iPad OS9 time picker made visible and various user reported issues (v3.33)

  • Widget design for OS10, iPad Reports background, Detail report hours total row detail (v3.32)

  • Time picker increment: apply to start time and make rounding selectable (v3.31)

  • My Overtime report: ascending order, cumulative amounts logic (v3.31)

  • Overtime graph and statistics: balance amount issue with not-counted activities (v3.31)

  • Various crash reports for OS10 devices (v3.31)

  • “My Activities” button for activity names list (v3.30)

  • Daily bonus conditions. See "Set Working Days" and new icon on Timesheet (v3.30)

  • Timesheet with a new shortcut to Activity name's settings (v3.30)

  • Define Activity; amount field can be changed from Lump Sum to Hourly wage (v3.30)

  • My Overtime report; a new cumulative balance column (v3.30)

  • Detail Report; new field for Bonus applicable (v3.30)

  • Report send; with additional send options (v3.30)

  • Time picker; additional intervals and rounding options (v3.30)

  • App language; option to change language direct within app (v3.30)

  • FAQ; in-app display with zoom option (v3.30)

  • Offset; enable values over 24 hrs for weekly offset (v3.30)

  • Timesheet; paging with shift effect (v3.30)

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