Updating your vacation bank (allowance)

Find out how you can prepare your allowance bank for the new year
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MO has a facility to track your annual leave (vacation). To use this feature take note of the following:

  • when you install the app you are furnished with a default Activity name named 'Vacation 20YY' This activity name can be used to log submitted leaves within the timesheets page. Simply select this Activity name from the list when you create a timesheet.

  • The vacation activity is configured by default to display a flat hours total and populate it with the daily offset value given for that day. (e.g. 8:00 hours offset = 8:00 hours for vacation activity, 4:00 hours offset = 4:00 hours for vacation activity). You can update the total value on the respective timesheet if you want an alternative total which does not match your daily offset.

  • The vacation activity name has a facility for total annual leave quota (allowance) which can be added in total days or hours although the basis for timesheets will be hours. This option is available in the settings named "Set Time Bank" or can be found in the Define Activities page by tapping on the Activity name to access the detail view as item name Planned. This quota together with your logged vacation days constitutes your vacation bank. You can query your vacation bank by running the Allowance Bank report. Please note that the vacation bank is accounted in hours and not in days. A translation to days is made based on the "Hours to Days" setting and show in the report's grand total.

  • To help you get started we have provided a template named 'Vacation' which contains a ready-made timesheet for you to use. You can update the template to your preference under the Define Templates section.

  • If you want to log several weeks worth of vacation days you may use the Bulk Timesheets button found in the Settings where you can trigger insertion of timesheets based on the selected template for a given date range.

Year-end closing and carry-over

At the end of the year, you should close the vacation bank and prepare a new vacation bank for the upcoming year. The following preparations should be made as part of the carry-over process:

  1. Identify your vacation bank's remaining balance (the carry-over total) by running the Allowance Bank report. For example, you might have 16 hours or 2 days remaining from your expiring year's quota. This is your remaining balance which is to be carried over to the new activity name.

  2. Create a new Activity name for the upcoming year and add the annual leave quota plus the remaining balance. For example, a new Activity named 'Vacation 2022' where you add 22 days for annual allowance (20 days annual quota and 2 days left over from expiring year). Create your Activity name using the Define Activities button. You can copy (+) the existing Activity name and update the parameter value for 'Planning' in the detail view.

  3. You are ready to start logging your leaves using this new Activity name (update your template if relevant) and run the Allowance Bank report to check your balances.

here is a tutorial video of this process:

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