Problem areas

Toubleshooting and workarounds for reported issues
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Following are known issues and workarounds. These issues will be fixed with the next update.

The synchronization check won't stop

It may happen that this process turns into a waiting state and which cannot be stopped. To stop this endless state, please close the app completely.

This problem occurs mostly on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad).

If the waiting mode still persists after restarting the app, please delete the app and install it from the App Store / Play Store anew. Please check your original login details in the welcome email. If not available, contact your administrator or contact us using the messenger on this screen (click on callout icon).

Reporting problems

Have you encountered problems that are not listed here? please report this to your administrator or to us directly via the messenger. Please include a screenshot and other details that could help us to clarify the matter or to quickly prepare a corrective update.

We try to make the app as error-free as possible, but we cannot entirely prevent the occasional bugs from creeping in. We ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience!

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