Annual leave calculator

Calculate the holiday entitlement of your employees
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Now you can use our new tool to easily calculate the annual leave as well as the carryover balance if the working week changes or the remaining quota when your staff leaves the company. The results ​​are shown in days and half-days as well as in hours.

The calculation basis is the 360-day mode, i.e. all months are weighted equally with 30 days. The calculator can be found in the footer of the Staff Times website and via this link.

Manage user and configure the annual leave

The calculator can also be started in your account directly in the manage user section, as shown:

The resulting full and half day values can be entered as deltas in the Annual Leave Setting. Select the value in the Adjustment leave element so that the Remaining balance element shows the expected result:

Any remaining hours can be credited to the employee's time balance in the subsequent hours adjustment section. For more information, see the Setting up Annual leave section of our Help Center.

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