Setting up your Annual leave

Also known as vacation bank, holiday allotment and vacation quota
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The annual leave is set up as part of the employment term of the user. In the terms setting page you will find an Annual leave calculator which, based on the company standard leave, the period start and the work quota, provides the calculated annual leave entitlement. The annual leave can be adjusted manually if necessary in the Annual leave settings section as described below.

Go to Manage users

Create a new user and employment term by clicking the Add Employee button. After you have entered the employee details, the second page, Set Terms, prompts you to specify the tracking mode. Choose the Full or Part time tracking mode according to the employee's degree employment. Select the period Start date which forms the calendar year pro-rated basis for the annual leave. The resulting annual leave appears under the Vacation calculator. The calculation is based on a 5-day work week. Please refer to the following illustration:

The next step is to confirm the working week. Adjust the quota in% if a part-time tracking mode is applicable, whereby the weekly working hours is allocated to daily plan hours. Click on the weekdays check mark to specify the working days (if full time mode Monday to Friday or predefined) as illustrated below. Please take note of the option for a variable part-time model. Based on the number of working days selected, the vacation calculator may update the annual leave quota accordingly.

Deviating annual leave

If a different annual leave should apply for particular employees, e.g. for senior employees or to add service year supplements, you have the following options:

  • The increment value (for example, additional 5 days of leave) can be entered in the Terms page as a holiday adjustment as shown below. This adjustment will then appear in the Reports menu under Annual Leave report as an adjustment entry.

  • Adjust company standard annual leave. Go to the Default Settings menu and increase the general annual leave accordingly (for example, update from 20 to 25 days) as shown below. Please note that the new value will be applied to new employees as well as for the annual leave carry-over process at yearend. Therefore, it is advisable to reset the standard annual leave after this procedure.

  • If different annual leaves apply at different company locations (for example, in different countries or branch offices), we recommend creating a separate company account for workforces for each location (for example, Your company USA, Your company UK, etc.). Price wise there are no disadvantages to having multiple company accounts. Please discuss your situation with us.

Adjusting leave entitlement when an employee leaves

The remaining holiday entitlement can be calculated using the Staff Times Annual Leave Calculator for the departing employee. The employee's accrued leave balance can then be reduced or negated by making an adjustment with a note in the Annual Leave settings. After all adjustments have been made we recommend keeping the final Annual Leave report as a PDF version. This serves to ensure traceability and legal security.

Yearend Carry-over

At end of the financial year of your company (based on your financial year end date parameter) Staff Times will display a button named Carry-Over next to each active staff member as illustrated below. 

Once Carry-over is clicked this will produce a pop-up window showing you the leftover number of vacation days of the expiring year (Leave balance) and the proposed new annual leave for the upcoming year. If you confirm to proceed this will automatically create the new year's annual leave for the new period. Once the carry-over is completed this enables your staff to submit vacation for the new period and displays the new annual leave balance in the terms of employment page of the mobile app. 

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