Report short absences within leave popup

Submit short absences via the dialog for leave
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 10 months ago

We have added a variant for short absences to the absences dialog. Now, in addition to the full and half-day leave, absences can be submitted for individual hours. This provides a quick solution for absences that last only a few hours, such as a visit to the doctor.

The blue button for leaves found on the mobile app check-in screen now enables the selection of Short Leave as shown below.

The submitted leave appears in the My Absences page with the corresponding hours value:

The Short Leave submission triggers an email notification to the administrator in the same way as for full day absences.

This feature is also available in My Time Desktop in the corresponding icon for submitting leave.

Please note that this selection is not enabled for annual leave (vacation/holidays) submissions because the annual leave for the term is logged only in full or half-day mode.

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