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What you should know as administrator of your tipster pool
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We appreciate you're taking the lead to manage your pool. The TipTool platform takes some of the weight off your shoulders with the following features:

  • Creating your pool and inviting your participants through our mail server

  • The timely updating of match results of all scheduled fixtures

  • Assigning points and updating the scoreboard and ranking of your participants

  • Ensuring the proper input of match tips by your participants

  • Adhering to input deadlines and applying locking periods

You part is to spread the word and find family and friends to join your pool. To increase the excitement you might consider providing a jackpot by asking your pool members to make a contribution which can be paid out to the winners and arranging a prize giving celebration. It's entirely up to you! TipTool is a non-profit and will not solicit any prizes.

As the pool administrator you have additional rights to manage your pool as follows:


How to


Add participants

using guided tours or via icon found in the pool header

Sending a bulk invitation is done via the Tiptool mail server. The recipient should check his spam folder. Check whether the user is already registered (select from the list of existing users)

Block participants

icon found in the pool header

Use this should an unknown/unwanted user join your group. Ask the TipTool admin for support.

Rename participant's alias

icon found in the pool header

we advise using real names as aliases so that all participants in larger groups know who they are competing with. Obscene names will be blocked.

Send mails to group members

icon found in the pool header

TT mail server does not allow formatting and attachments for security reasons. Feel free to use your personal Whatsapp or other tools and create a group chat.


icon found in the pool header

Check if any of your members have missing predictions.


icon found in the pool header

Add a headline which appears in red font for a particular date range.

The icons are found above the ranking list of your pool as shown:

Checking your old pool

Have you been there before? In this case, you should get an overview of your previous tipster pool so that you can invite them once again. Here's how you can check your pool from previous sports events:

This will display the ranking list along with the names of your fellow tipsters.

Setting up your pool

If you want to reactivate your previous pool, you will need to install the last pool name (group name) using the guided tour named 'Set up my existing pool' and then invite your participants. If you would like to set up a new pool name or an additional pool, please carry out 'Setup my pool' in the Guided Tours menu and continue with the following section for Inviting fellow tipsters.

Follow the steps shown to reactivate your previous pool by using the guided tours menu as shown.

Find your old pool name:

As you reactivate your pool your user will be added along with the pool name and you will be asked to submit your master & runner-up champion tip (you can abort this step and revisit later for entering your match tips). Now you are ready to invite your fellow tipsters to this pool, as explained below.

Inviting fellow tipsters (participants)

In a further step you should add your previous participants directly or invite them by email, as explained below:

Entering tips (the input form)

Your tipsters can navigate to the pool view as shown above and click on their user and access the personal input form. Alternatively, the input form can also be accessed via the Guided tours named Place my tips (ensure you are signed-in). Find out more on recording and managing your predictions with this guide.

General advice

  • Ahead of game time: encourage your users to save their predictions in good time. Best to submit predictions for all games and later adjust them to ensure no games are missed. Matches for next rounds are available with generic names which will be updated as the contenders are announced.

  • Going to the next round: ensure no one is left behind as it may be discouraging for those in the lower half of the rankings. The final champion tips may still upset the rankings at the end of the event.

The points scoring rules and ranking list

The TipTool points scoring rules for the Euro 2020 are as follows (link):

The champion tip

Record your prediction for the tournament champion before the start of the tournament. The champion tip is validated following the final game and is worth 10 points. New: from Euro 2020 you are asked to predict also the runner-up (2nd place team) which is worth 7 points. 

The ranking

The participant names (aliases) are disclosed with the first three letters only to ensure privacy when you are not logged in. In the ranking view, the number of direct hits (3pts) as well as the correct champion and runner-up tip (10/7pts) are listed in a separate column. In this example, participant Pet .. scored 68 points with 10 fully matching tips (3 pointers) and the correct champion tip (10er).

  • If participants have achieved the same number of points, the participant with the higher number of fully matching 3-pointers is ranked higher. If participants are still even after that, the champion tip will determine.

  • Should participants still be ranked the same after that, they will receive the same rank and will be listed in alphabetical order. The ranks that are not used are skipped (e.g. two first ranked would be followed by the 3rd ranked, since the 2nd rank is skipped).

  • You have the option to display the ranking list without the championship rating. To do this, click on the column 10er heading (arrow).

Games which are decided by shooting penalties (e.g. quarter finals, semifinals and finals):

  • If a game ends in a draw after the end of normal playing time, extra time is played. If no decision has been made after the extension, the winner will be determined by a penalty shootout. For this reason, your tips apply until the end of the extension, i.e. BEFORE the penalty shoot-out, which in turn means that a draw can be predicted in every round (e.g. 1: 1 may be predicted as this is for the full length of the game incl. Extension applies). Tips for the penalty shootout are excluded.

Each of your member's scoring history can be viewed by clicking on the alias name in the ranking list.

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