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A quick start guide to navigate on TipTool
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 3 weeks ago

We look forward to having you on board to compete with your friends for master tipster and manage your pool on TipTool. To help you get started, we've explained a few points below.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please use our messenger, which is located at the bottom right of the screen. Just click on the chat bubble icon and write us your question. We'll try to answer right away.

Are you the administrator of your pool? please follow the instructions for the group administrator.

The navigation structure in TipTool: the hamburger menu

the menu at the top right (menu with three horizontal lines that looks like a hamburger) will get you there. Choose 'Guided Tours' to get started as shown.

Guided tours

the various tours will help you navigate and do various tasks as follows:

  • Register: is this your first time at TipTool? then please register using this guided tour to get access to all features of TipTool or simply look for the registration button on the website. In case you came back and forgot your login see the following section.

  • Participate: you will be asked to register and then choose the sports event and a pool (group) in which you'd like to participate. Please select only the pool you know to avoid joining the wrong pool.

  • Take note: you should know the name of your pool. If you have received an invitation from your group administrator, you will automatically be referred to the corresponding pool name. If you have already been assigned to your pool by your administrator, you no longer need to take this tour but rather go with the tour 'Play my tips'. Talk to your group admin. To submit your tips check below section.

Forgot login?

It's been a while since the last prediction game and you want to check your login details. Check out this short video (1 min.) ..

Submit your tips

To enter your tips (predictions), use the guided tour Place my tips or you can get to this page via an invitation email from your pool administrator. Then enter your tips in the form provided.

First you will be asked to submit your master and runner-up tip, as shown below (it's just an example ;-):

For the preliminary round of games where there is a large number of games to predict, we recommend using the bulk tips form where you can go through all the games in one go. You can find the link at the top of the page (select header data ON). Below is an image of the bulk tips form.

Please save your entries occasionally (hit the save button at the bottom of the form) to avoid a timeout in the event of prolonged inactivity to not lose entries. We recommend providing tips for all games so that you don't miss any later on. The further rounds ie. finals can also be predicted before the start of the tournament. Generic game names have been prepared for this (e.g. 1st group A vs 2nd group B) whose names will be updated as soon as they become known.

The champion and runner-up tip can be updated up until the start of the tournament. Thereafter, these will remain locked all the way through until the tournament. The games can generally be updated up to the start of the game. Your tips remain hidden from your fellow pool mates until game time.

The display format for mobile devices can appear a bit cluttered (please hold the device horizontally), so it is more convenient to go through all games initially from a larger screen (e.g. a laptop / desktop).

Create a shortcut or link to TipTool on your home screen so that you can find your way back more quickly.

Scoring rules & Ranking

Collect points and become the master tipster. Click here for the scoring rules.

The rankings list gets update at the end of each match. Click on the name of your fellow tipsters from within the ranking list below to view details of submitted predictions.

Please note that your pool names (aliases) are only shown with the first three letters of your aliases as shown above in public accessible pages to protect your privacy.

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