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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 6 months ago

Location profiles offer the opportunity to set defaults for your company's regions as well as specific user groups and to assign these to the respective employee's profile. These settings can cover various aspects, including weekly working hours, annual vacation entitlement, language settings and public holidays that apply to a defined location.

Assigning location profiles enables efficient management and adjustment of individual work and vacation conditions, optimizing work processes and ensuring compliance with company policies.

Manage regional holidays within the location profile

For companies with multiple regional locations, individual location profiles can be set up to manage local holidays. In addition, working groups with different terms of employment can also be taken into account (e.g. teams with different company holidays).

Location language with appropriate correspondence

One of four languages (German, French, Italian, English) can be assigned to the respective location, so that automatic emails (e.g. access credentials, monthly closing notification, absence notification) are sent in the respective language. In addition, the My Time app (desktop & mobile) automatically adopt the respective language.

Manage levels of annual leave

Now you can create individual location profiles for employees with different vacation entitlement. This is particularly useful where years of service, age criteria or management level conditions apply and the employee may qualify for higher annual leave entitlement.

Learn more about managing location profiles.

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