Master Report with more attributes

We've upgraded the Master Report
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

We are happy to report that the Manage Timesheets Master Report has been enhanced with the following new attributes:

  • Last updated (timestamp of last update)

  • Last updated by (user or admin)

This information enables you to check the time recordings of your users for timeliness and completeness. Now you can distinguish whether the timesheets were recorded in real time or backfilled, and whether you as the administrator or your staff (the user) last changed the relevant timesheet. You can find these attributes in the report as illustrated here:

The report's results can be downloaded using the export icons (see toolbar with icons above the table heading) for further analysis as well as to serve any downstream processes. Unwanted data fields can easily be hidden in the report using the Hide feature (look for 'x' when hovering on the column name).

If you would like to edit a timesheet, simply click on the blue Edit button of that row as shown in above image and you will enter edit mode with the option of updating, deleting or adding more timesheets for that user. Find out more about the Master Report.

In addition, we recommend a monthly check and regular review of the data quality.

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