Checking Timesheets quality

Tips for tracking down missing & incomplete time entries
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 11 months ago

For the purpose of quality controls this article covers missing timesheet recordings and not fully completed time entries.

Missing timesheet

For users who are set up in full and part-time mode, the previous day is automatically compared against the working week stored in the profile and checked for a missing timesheet. If a missing timesheet was located on a working day, this day is reported with the negated daily plan hours. This is shown in the My Time user app as follows:

The app does not trigger any specific notification about missed timesheets. However, for impacted dates the user sees a negative daily balance, as shown above, which reduces the accrued balance accordingly. If the period is not locked, the user can navigate to the relevant date and retrospectively enter the timesheet in the Daily Activities page as shown above and the accrued balance will be updated.

In the admin center, these records are identified in the reports with the label 'Missing timesheet'. Within menu item Manage Timesheet the administrator can query by date range and filter them using the search option, as illustrated:

You now have the option of exporting these records (see icons above the results) and forwarding them to the users for cleaning up. As an alternative, the administrator can add the missing timesheet on behalf of the user directly in the in the admin center using the blue button as shown in the above image.

Incomplete timesheets

The user might have forgotten to check out (no check-out took place) and the end time was not recorded or some activities were missed on that day. If the end time is missing, the negative daily plain hours is assumed for the daily balance. These incomplete entries can be searched in the Detail Report under Team reports as follows:

  • Search for rows with a negative daily balance, e.g. type -8

  • Search for rows with conspicuously high negative daily balances (balances marked in red)

An example:

Don't want overtime checking?

If the above controls are not necessary for your user or the marking of the missing timesheets is annoying, we recommend switching the user profile to 'Basic', whereby Staff Times does not do any checking. Learn more about user status changes here.


Basically, the My Time user app also works in an offline state and synchronization with the admin center takes place as soon as the device is back on the Internet. In rare cases it can happen that a transmission error has occurred in which the record has not been passed into the admin center due to fluctuating connections. Please contact us should you experience such an incident. We will fix the error immediately. We continuously check the quality through selective audits and fix them with app updates.

In your role as administrator, we recommend that you carry out a monthly closing check at the end of each month.

Monitoring rest time

We advise you to take note of the labor laws for your industry in your country. The activity names used for recording can be activated with a break time. Find out more about different ways to track the working day. Use the Daily Summary Report to review each employee's tracking history and identify rest time. In addition, please refer to your Account's Default Settings where compliance parameters can be activated to report insufficient rest time to your users. The report can be exported to Excel for deeper review and adding formulas (include minute conversions). We can support you in this. Please contact us.

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