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Report, edit and export timesheets of your staff and projects
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The Manage timesheets section enables you to report on the entire timesheet history according to various criteria and edit individual time logs as well as adding new timesheets of your staff.

The manage timesheets view and your options

A history of timesheets of your staff members are listed in the 'Manage timesheets' section. Select a period using the date range option to get a listing of all timesheets logged for the month in review.

Use the various filter options to get a subset of your data (e.g. filter by employee, by group, by activity name). In addition, you may exclude non-essential data fields from the listing (see filter option 'Hide columns').

Edit a timesheet

At the right end of the table, the 'Edit' button allows you to switch to the edit list where all the employee's time logs are grouped for the relevant date. If you do not see the edit button use the slider at the bottom of the screen or the browser's zoom feature (set to 80%)

Click on the 'Edit' button located on the far right of the relevant time entry, as shown below:

The pop-up view will then open enabling you to update all elements, i.e. the activity name, the time, the designation and any file attachments or delete the timesheet. With the 'Update' button, the edited elements are saved and you return to the editing list.

Add timesheet

To enter new time entries, please use the 'Add timesheet' button which is located in the processing list as well as in the basic screen.

Select the level and the activity name using the pick-list. Type the time in numerical format (e.g. 0745 for 7:45) or with a colon (e.g. 07:45) including a flat break deduction (e.g. 0030 for 0:30) if applicable. Please note that PM (afternoon) time must be entered in 24 hour mode (e.g. 2pm = 14:00). We are working to provide input option for AM/PM style in a future update.

All saved timesheets are deployed to the member app (mobile app) within a few seconds. In addition, a change control is provided with the following stamps:

  • Created by ..

  • Modified by ..

  • Modification date

This information is displayed in the editing list as well as in the mobile app's 'Daily Activities' page in the detailed view of the timesheets. All timesheets updated by the web center are marked as 'Administrator' and those updated by the mobile app are flagged as 'User'.

Data syncing & latency

Please note that there may be short delays during synchronization (response time). Wait a moment after such actions as deleting or adding a time entry and reload the page. This is due to the synchronization rate and fluctuations in Internet performance between the database in the mobile app and the database in the web center.

Missing timesheet flag

Staff Times automatically checks for any missing timesheets on a daily basis based on the employee's working week configuration. Any missing timesheet flags are automatically removed once a timesheet is added on the relevant date. If any such labels are wrongly applied please get in contact with us. For employee's configured as tracking type 'Basic' no such flags are applied.

Export data

The entire timesheets history can be downloaded in Excel, PDF or csv format. Select the desired period and the required data fields. Depending on your needs, data fields can be excluded (see hide fields). For PDF download, the portrait or landscape format is applied based on the size of selected data fields.

The report offers the following benefits:

  • Master view: extract time logs / timesheets entered by all employees in one place.

  • Data quality: For users in full and part-time tracking mode, the working week is checked for Missing Timesheet, Non-Working day, and Public Holiday. If any of these situations arise a respective record is added to the report for that relevant date.

  • Supports controlling of work items when your employees record services rendered for projects. In the filter bar, please use the filter "Filter by group" to evaluate the project as well as the filter "Filter by activity" to narrow down your results.

  • Signing off: to confirm and sign off accrued overtime by your employees we suggest to use the Detail Report. Refer to the monthly processes for more.

  • Downstream processing: export the results in PDF or in Excel / CSV format for further processing in downstream systems such as billing your services and for payroll, as shown:

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