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Frequently asked questions and support for the My Time desktop version
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

We hope you find the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers helpful. Also check out our video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Still need help? use the on-screen messenger in the lower left.

Where can I get instructions?

We hope that My Time Desktop is as self-explanatory as possible, but we are aware that not everything is always easy to find. Please check this general guide (tbd). If you have additional questions, speak to your administrator, contact us at, or chat with us by tapping the speech bubble icon that turns on at the bottom of this webpage.

I already have the My Time mobile app on my smartphone. Can I use both?

Since both the mobile app and the desktop version store your timesheets on the same cloud database, the data is automatically synchronized. Therefore, you can work on both channels at the same time. For example, in the morning you can use the mobile app to record the start time and in the evening you can use the desktop to record the end time. It takes a few seconds for the entry to be updated in the other channel. As the name suggests the Desktop version is optimized for large screens and accessible through the internet browser whereas the mobile version is made for smartphones and works in offline mode.

Do I have the same features as with the smartphone app?

Basically yes. Some of the functions are called differently, e.g. Check-in image vs. Manage Timesheets menu item, and are arranged differently because they are optimized for larger screens. There are a few more report views in the desktop version (detail report for a period, dashboard views). In the mobile app, you have the option of capturing designations by voice command through the microphone. The desktop version is available in German and English. The content can be displayed in other languages ​​using Google Translate within your browser.

Which internet browsers are recommended?

Our favorite is the Chrome browser, which we use for development. Other common browsers such as Safari and Edge can be used. Please make sure that the browser remains up-to-date or install any updates provided.

How long can I update my timesheets retrospectively?

The time logs are locked based on the monthly deadlines set by the admin. The previous month is usually locked shortly after the end of the month. A reminder will be sent to your email before the deadline.

How can I report bugs and suggestions?

Updates with optimizations and new functions as well as bug fixes are released regularly. Our testing team may have missed some scenarios that cause unexpected behavior. Please report any such issues to your administrator or report it to us directly through the Messenger (see speech bubble icon in the lower left of your screen). Please provide a screenshot so that we can help faster.

Can I also use the desktop version on mobile devices?

The desktop version is optimized for screens from approx. 11 inches which would enable you to work from tablets or iPads. In general, we recommend using the mobile app for mobile devices, as it allows you to work in offline mode (without internet). The desktop version is primarily suitable for employees with a laptop and workstations with a desktop computer.

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