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A guide to newly introduced features from recent updates
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 11 months ago

Get some context on new features and optimizations introduced with a recent app update. Below is a brief guide.

Work breaks and compliance (update v1.29)

This feature calculates the total work breaks & rest time accrued during the working day based on all timesheet entries. The app checks for compliance with the minimum required rest time specified by the administrator. If the recorded time entries do not meet the requirements, a red note appears in the Daily Activities page below Break time and in the Weekly balance page as shown below:

For more information on compliance with the rest periods, please contact your internal guidelines or your administrator.

Notes and designations by voice command (update V1.15)

The details can now be recorded by tapping the microphone in timesheet edit mode to activate voice commands, as shown below. Please speak clearly and slowly. To insert a comma or a new line, say the word 'Comma' or 'New line' directly after the word or sentence. The voice command is based on the language setting of your device. Take advantage of this feature to record your work report faster.

Change control (Update V.114)

Now there is a note at the bottom of each timesheet about the author who created the timesheet and the author who last updated any element of the timesheet. We distinguish between the user (the mobile app user) and the administrator.

Working status (update v1.14)

With update v1.14, activities can be given a work status. The work status enables you to record the progress of your work for the administrator. If activated, values can be selected in the options field as shown below:

As with all elements of the timesheet, you can update the status until the monthly period is locked. Please note that the status can also be updated via the administrator center by your administrator.

Report a leave with date range (update v1.11)

Selecting the start and end date has been optimized with a finger tap feature. As shown below, use your finger to tap the first day and then tap the last day to the right of it to select the time period. Then tap in the empty space outside the table to transfer the date range back into the confirm & submit page.

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