Timesheet with work status

Log the progress status of your activities
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

Flag your activity name with a work status. For certain activities it can be useful to report the progress status of your job as part of your timesheet, e.g. for repair jobs. Your team simply selects the work status as part of the timesheet, as shown below. The work status can serve for general reporting of pending and completed activities in the Manage timesheets page and can be useful, for example, to prepare for project billing.

View in the employee's mobile app

Set up the Activity name

Click on the Manage activities item from the side bar and create a new activity name. Activate the work status and ask your team to use this name for their timesheets.

If you want to switch on the work status retrospectively for an existing activity name, the setting can be activated from the list view (coming soon).

For information on all activity settings, please check the article Setting up activity names.

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