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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 week ago

Our new planning tool simplifies scheduling for your workforce, whether for projects, capacity, shifts, or events. Access the tool via the 'Planning' menu on the left.

Efficient Planning Made Easy

Plan your staff’s schedules and time accounts from a single page. Allocate project or work hours as fixed values or use the employee’s daily budget. Simply enter the planning activity's short name in the calendar and adjust the scheduled hours as needed. 

Easy Summation and Deployment

The calculation button totals the hours. One click saves and transfers them as planning sheets to the employee smartphone and desktop app.

Create Custom Planning Accounts

Create and configure planning accounts to meet your needs in the 'Manage Activities' menu. Planning accounts can include general or group-specific standard hours.

Team and Group Management

Create teams and add team leaders and users. Set permissions for team leaders in the 'Administrators' menu. Groups are ideal for cross-team projects and tasks.

Notes on Shift and Duty Schedules

For shift schedules without fixed weekly hours, use the 'Basic' user profile. Further optimizations for seamless management are in progress.

Experience how the Staff Times planning tool optimizes your workflows and boosts efficiency. Find out more about creating work schedules at Staff times.

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