Monitoring work breaks

A new feature calculates daily rest periods for compliance
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 7 months ago

In various jobs and industries there are national laws and trade union regulations on observing rest periods during a working day. The rest period includes documenting work breaks that are meant for taking meals and resting, and are usually unpaid.

With our new rest time calculation on reported timesheets, we provide you with an easy way to check for compliance when your staff record their working hours.

Set up the rest time alert with the compliance parameters of your company. You will then receive a report detailing the rest time and any alerts on all historical data in the Daily Summary report.

Check the total daily rest time for each user and look for those marked cases that do not meet the requirements.

What else do I get with this report? this reports enables you to take action as follows:

  • Download the alerted line items in the form of a PDF or Excel file and send them to the user for correction
  • Click through to the manage timesheets screen in order to check the individual time entries and clean them up as needed.

Further information can be found in our Support Center on the following topics:

Our goal is to simplify your administration and workflows with Staff Times. This  feature will provide you a practical tool to enable workplace compliance with your industry related regulations.

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