Subscribing your users and renewing subscriptions

A walkthrough of how to create a subscription
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 10 months ago

At Staff Times, each of your users or staff members is tied to an annual subscription. Expiring subscriptions can be renewed on an annual basis from 30 days prior to expiration. Please check the following steps on how to subscribe or renew your user's subscription:

1) Go to Subscribe users 

Check the subscription status of your users. The users who are not yet subscribed or have expired are displayed with a price tag. Place a check mark next to the user to be subscribed and click the Subscribe button as illuatrated below.

2) Pay selected users

The total subscribed amount will be shown in the payment screen. Please choose from the payment processors provided for your country and add your payment details.

3) Confirmation and receipt

The confirmation page will trigger an email receipt to your email.

4) Status of subscribed users is updated

Your user's status is updated to 'Active' and the subscription period start and end is updated accordingly. The emailed receipt is also added to the 'Payment receipt' tab.

Since Staff Times does not automatically renew expiring subscriptions, the administrator himself must take action and keep track of his subscriptions. Staff Times sends an email notice to the administrator about 30 days before expiration to remind him. We recommend that the administrator renews the expiring subscriptions within the 30 day notice period prior to expiration in order to avoid any interruptions in time tracking.

Plans and Prices

You can find the current prices under this menu item. Volume discounts generally apply. The best user price is automatically calculated based on the number of active subscribers and displayed in the subscriber list for the respective user. Use the pricing calculator button provided to simulate various subscriptions. 

Administrators are free

Administrators who do not need time recording can be invited via the 'Admin users' menu item and are free of charge, ie. do not need to be subscribed. Learn more about managing admins.

Need more clarification? Please get in touch with us via the in-app chat messenger or at

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