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Set up & invite staff to support the Staff times user administration
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The account owner has the option to grant administrator rights to other users. It is advisable to set up at least a second administrator who can step in as a deputy of the admin center.

The administrator management offers different levels of access authorization via a permissions profile. Staff Times provides two predefined permission profiles, as follows:

  • Deputy owner: this profile provides the same rights as the account owner with the exception of account details such as language, logo and account name.

  • Team lead: this profile enables your organization to allocate users to teams and assign each team an administrator with the team leader role. An administrator with the permissions role "Team lead" will get access to only those users who have been allocated to the respective team. Access rights include running reports and editing timesheet logs of his team members.

  • Accountant: this profile grants access to the subscriptions sections only.

Permission profiles

Staff Times enables you to create additional access profiles if you need specific user permissions. Staff Times provides the following access levels for which read and write access can be assigned::

  • Manage Users: Create employees for time tracking

  • Manage teams: create teams with area managers

  • Manage Groups: Create Projects & Clients

  • Manage Holidays: Paid Holidays for the calendar year

  • Manage time accounts: define registration units

  • Account Defaults: Set up company-wide defaults

  • Check time tracking: Edit time tracking history data

  • Employee Reports: Historical data and balances for time tracking

  • Timeline: colored calendar view of historical data

  • Manage Subscriptions: Renew and transfer subscriptions

Further permission profiles can be created with the corresponding button, as shown:

Access rights can be tailored by creating a specific permissions. The default permissions profiles provided are Deputy owner, Team lead and Accountant administrator. The access rights can be displayed by clicking the eye icon (default profiles cannot be updated).

Adding administrators

Add users to support your Staff Times administration and assign them a specific permissions profile. Following shows admin users listing:

You can appoint a user who has been set up for time tracking to become an administrator as well and you can invite new users with their name and email address using the link provided. When creating, you specify the desired permissions by selecting the profile from the list. The default permission profiles are deputy owner and team lead. Clicking INVITE creates the user and sends an email invitation as illustrated:

An invitation is sent by email with the access credentials, i.e. a login consisting of an email address and a password. If the e-mail has not arrived, please check whether the e-mail address has been entered correctly in the list above (refresh the page) or check whether the e-mail has ended up in the recipient's spam folder. The user can be deleted and re-entered if necessary. Use the appropriate icons under Actions.

Adding Team leads

This role gives access to sections of Manage Timesheet, Team Reports, Timeline and Manage Activities. The user must be assigned to a team and thus only has access to the members of this team, i.e. only his members are visible in the reports. A team lead can only be assigned to one team. This role is recommended for employees with supervisory responsibilities needing to review timesheet logs.

Manage teams

We recommend that you create teams based on staff supervision responsibilities. The team lead should be assigned to a team in the Manage teams screen, as shown:

Adding team members to teams

The employee can be assigned to the team from the selection list in the Manage user menu on the Set up employment screen, as shown:

For more information on creating a user for time tracking, please refer to the setting up staff members article. If the user changes departments or there are organizational changes, the team assignment must be adjusted manually accordingly.

Adding Deputy owners

This role has the same access as the account owner of the Staff Times account. All access levels mentioned in the Permissions Profile section are made accessible. The deputy can create other users with the role of deputy and team leader and invite them to the admin center. See the Adding Administrators section above.

Change Account owner

If you are logged in as account owner you can click on the corresponding icon in the list view to initiate the change of ownership. Transferring ownership requires that the new owner exists as an administrator with any role before proceeding. The owner rights can then be transferred to that user.

Please note that any previous correspondences via Messenger will not be transferred to the new owner. The previous owner is automatically reassigned to the Deputy Owner role after the switch. If desired, the old owner can be deleted in a further step from within the list view.

The change of ownership is particularly recommended if the email account or address used is no longer active.

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