Set up groups for customers & projects

Allocate time tracked for activities to group names
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If you are considering combining time & attendance with work logs for customers and projects, this guide will show you how to configure activities with groups.

Determine the level of project activities

Creating group names enables your team to report and merge activities tracked for specific projects & work orders. Tracking against a group name facilitates your downstream processes like billing for activities performed under that group. Basically, all services can be set up in individually as activity names. Refer to the following activity names which are installed by default to help you get started:

  • Travel to site: Charging travel time to the customer. The activity name can be configured to store lump sum amounts.

  • Labor performed: Service A, Service B, Service C - set up an activity name for each type of service. The activity name can be configured to calculate with an hourly rate, e.g. $100 per logged hour.

  • Material cost: create a separate Activity name with the designation and value of material used for your services which will serve as a template for your employee. Configure the Activity name to show a lump sum amount and leave the hours empty.

These Activity names appear in the configured input format on the mobile app and as line items in the list view, as shown below:

When you create activity names for your services these can be assigned to a customer or project name also known as a group. The group name may consist of a building site name, an order number (XYZ00123) or include the customer name and order number (Jones XYZ00123) or just the customer name (Jones). Check below instructions to start creating your own activity names and groups.

Create Activity Names

A set of activity names was installed when you created your company account. In addition, a default group called 'Various' was created and three Activity Names named 'Travel', 'Work' & 'Material' were added to that group to get you started faster as illustrated.

We recommend using the default group "Various" as the basis for creating additional groups. To get started create new Activity Names to your preference and select the group named 'Various' initially and later create new groups and copy those activity names from Various to your new group. First off, click the Add Activity Name button and apply the selected parameters as follows: 

Please note that a newly created Activity name can not be copied so you will need to click on the add activity name button once again to create more names. We suggest you remove not needed default Activity names. Simply click on the delete button from within above detail view. Find more details about setting up Activity names here.

Update the default group "Various"

In the Manage Groups menu item, select the default group named Various to enter the edit mode with the pencil icon, as shown below:

While in edit mode, you can add activity names from other groups and add or remove employees. This allows the employee to select this group from the list in the member app. See following image:

Set up a new group

If your default group "Various" is complete, you can now create further groups and copy or import those activity names in just a few steps. Proceed as follows:

  • Go to Menu item Manage Groups

  • Create a new group; Enter name at top of screen

  • Add Activity names: click selection list

  • Add employee: click selection list

  • Click Save highlighted below:

so now you have two groups as follows:

Time to start tracking

When you have completed setting up your projects, including activity names, switch to the mobile app and start time tracking. In the app, add a new Daily Activity. First, tap the Refresh icon of the pull-down list to update the names list then you are ready to create a time log for that project as illustrated:

Look up the Master report

In the web control panel look for the Master Report (Manage Timesheets) to query all time logs under that project name. In the report result, the hours and amounts entered are summed up. The result can be exported as PDF, Excel or CSV file and further processed.

Please note; updating or deleting a group name can only be done from the Administrator's account ie. mobile app users have only read rights. If you subsequently change the group name, the historical time logs with the previous group name will be retained in the app.

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