Employee exit procedure

Staff departure and processing steps
Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

We recommend the following procedure in the event of an employee leaving:

  1. Employee gives notice: As soon as the employee announces their departure, the human resources administrator should be informed in order to take appropriate action.
  2. Review of backlogs: The administrator should ask the employee to ensure that the time logs are complete and up-to-date. If there are discrepancies or missing entries, the employee should be asked to clarify and resubmit them within Staff Times. The admin can review the historical timesheets data via the employee's Detail Report as well as their Annual Leave report from the Staff Times admin center. This information is important in order to correctly record the remaining working hours and settle the balances.
  3. Communication with the employee: The administrator should inform the employee how to use the remaining working hours or holidays. Clear instructions should be given as to how and by when this information must be provided.
  4. Calculation of Vacation Entitlements or Overtime Compensation: Based on the employee's reported information, the admin can calculate the remaining vacation days or overtime. For the remaining holiday entitlement, we recommend using the Staff Times Calculator. For more information, see Setting up Annual Leave. The relevant guidelines and contractual agreements should be taken into account.
  5. Documentation and archiving: All relevant information on outstanding working hours, vacation days and overtime should be documented and archived in the employee's personnel files and in the Staff Times System. We recommend that the the Detail report and Annual Leave report is issued as a PDF output. This serves to ensure traceability and legal security.
  6. Employee deregistration from Staff Times: Once all open time entries and leave entitlements have been processed, after the departure date, the employee's status in Staff Times should be set to Expired. This ensures that no further entries can be made for this employee.
  7. Archiving of the data: After the above steps have been completed and the term of the departing employee has been expired, the timesheets data is securely archived so that it can be accessed in the future if required. This also enables compliance with retention requirements and data protection regulations.
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