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Written by Dan Gubler
Updated 1 year ago

We hope you will find the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers helpful. Please be sure to also check our video tutorials in our YouTube channel. Do you have any further questions? please use the messenger at the bottom left of this screen and, if possible, add a screenshot so that we can clarify it faster.

Where can I find a user guide?

We hope that the app is fairly self-guiding  but just in case check this general guide. The link can also be opened from your computer for better viewing. If you have any further questions, talk to your administrator, contact us at or use the messenger, our chatting tool, which should pop-up in the lower left of the screen.

How can I transfer my app to a new device?

No worries. Your data sits on the cloud server. Therefore it can easily be restored to your new device. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your device is online. Install this app on the new device. You can re-install it free direct from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

  2. Seek your original login credentials (check your mailbox). If you cannot find your old token-ID please ask your administrator who can look this up. Once you log in all your historic data will be restored from the cloud within a 1-2 minutes (ensure your internet connection is not interrupted).

  3. Finally, please check your balances and settings against your old device to ensure all is as expected.

It is possible to use My Time app on multiple mobile devices in parallel (e.g. my smartphone and tablet/iPad) as data synching is carried out on each online device provided you are logged in on that device.

How can I review my time logs history?

Your administrator can select your data for the desired period and produce an extract of your time logs history as a PDF or Excel file (Detail report). Alternatively, you may request access to the My Time Desktop version which offers additional reporting tools. Please discuss your wishes with your administrator.

For how long can I update my time logs?

Your historic time logs are locked on a monthly basis, usually shortly after the month end, based on your administrators preferences. An email reminder message will be sent to you before the period is locked.

I made a wrong input. How can I correct this?

If this incorrect entry is from a recent date, you can page to that date in the menu "Daily activities" and tap on the corresponding time log to update that activity's details. If the error relates to a locked period, please contact the administrator for assistance.

The app is not behaving correctly. I found an error. What can I do?

Please check the App Updates page and the Problem areas page to see if this has been reported and if any workaround available. In addition, you can raise this with your administrator or forward it to us at or use the messenger provided on the this page.

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