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Key admin tasks and how these are managed at Staff Times
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The following administration tasks should be considered with Staff Times:

  • The staff administrator sets up Staff Times with the specifications of his company, configures employee profiles, monitors working times and creates reports.
  • Correct and efficient recording of working hours contributes to smooth payroll accounting and compliance with labor law regulations.
  • The interaction of the employees, the specifications by the administrator and the automatic processing in the system are important steps in this process.

Adding an employee

A new employee profile is created at Staff Times and the relevant data is entered: personal details, working time terms and annual leave entitlement. Upon completion, the user is sent an email invitation with their access credentials to the mobile app 'My Time' and, if required, access to the desktop version. A user subscription must be purchased to enable access. See Set up users.

Departure of an employee

The employee's exit details are gathered, i.e. the cumulative overtime balance and the remaining annual leave is settled for the remaining period and the user's profile is terminated (expire term). After terminating the user, any remaining portion of his subscription can be transferred to another user. See Exit procedure.

Change of working time terms of an employee

The employee's profile and working time terms can be changed to a part-time or hourly wage model. To do this the employee's term is terminated (expired) as the new terms become effective a new term is added with the new working times. See user status change.

Year-end and carry-over 

The annual carry-over refers to the transfer of an employee's working time terms and statuses from the old year to the new year, including the setting up of public holidays for the relevant period. The expiring year's working hours, annual leave balances, overtime and public holidays is summarized and transferred to the new year. This process ensures the continuity of working time management and ensures correct recording and calculation of working hours in the new year, including refreshing the list of public holidays.

Compliance with labor law

This includes knowing and implementing legal requirements for working hours, work-break regulations, holiday entitlement, special events and other relevant aspects as well as checking for correct recording of working hours including work breaks.

Managing user subscriptions

  • An individual annual subscription must be purchased for users doing time tracking. Use the subscriptions listing where renewal dates are shown. User subscriptions can be renewed 1 month before expiration. An automatic email reminder is sent to the administrator. Since there is no automatic renewal, it is important to keep an eye on the respective subscription periods so that there are no interruptions in time tracking. In addition, for users who have departed before renewal their unused subscriptions can be transferred to another user. Learn more here.
  • For users without time tracking, i.e. users who only require administrator rights, no user subscription is required (free of charge).

Managing Staff Times in an admin team

In addition to the account owner, Staff Times enables other user roles such as the deputy owner with admin rights and for team leaders for reviewing their staff's reports. What's more, customizable roles can be created which grant access to specific areas (Creating profiles, groups, activities, reports). Users without time tracking which require only administration tasks are free of charge and can be set up by the account owner in just a few clicks with the appropriate user role. Learn more here.

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